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About us

What is Dotbig Academy?

Dotbig Academy was created by a group of independent financial analysts from the international company Dotbig. Our speakers are experts not only in theory, but they also have a full investment practice, which allows our students to learn from the best and acquire the necessary skills to conduct successful trades on the stock market.

In our academy you will improve your investor skills and master the principles of trading and income generation, you will learn how to structure a high-quality investor portfolio and choose the proper investment strategies.

Financial markets

Dotbig Academy is a constantly growing international company providing traders with online access to the world's financial markets, giving clients the ability to use all popular assets, trading and analytical tools. We have partnership with the most popular world brokers and have a lot of open quotas with these brokers, which allows us to help our students to get into the right pool of investors and trade on the foreign exchange, stock, cryptocurrency, or commodity markets from a computer, smartphone or other device with Internet access.

Modern technologies

Dotbig Academy works on the principle of constant development, therefore it closely monitors the state of financial markets and implements modern technologies.

We have taught more than

300 000
the simple principles of portfolio

Average capital increase per year

47 %
receive by students after online training on
Our speaker William Bennett
Our speaker William Bennett
Our office Dotbig
Our office Dotbig
Our speaker Mark Tivin
Our speaker Mark Tivin

Our Products

Course "The First Money from Investment" *NEW

This course is suitable both for beginners and advanced investors. The course is lectured in Russian by Mark Tivin, Head of Financial Analysis of Dotbig's European office. And in English, the course is taught by William Bennett, Coordinator of Analytics Department at Dotbig's U.S. office.

The course will be helpful in case you want to:

Create a financial cushion
Protect your savings and multiply them
Buy a real estate and renovate it as you want
Do what you like to do and be independent from any bosses
Get enough capital to start a business
Educate your children properly
To get rid of the fear to lose your money

Syllabus of the course "The First Money from Investments"

The program duration is 4 days. Teach money to work for you.
1 Day
What is investment and how does it affect your finances
  • How to create capital that will work for you and generate additional income
  • Three levels of your financial freedom
  • How to save up for a car or apartment without loans twice as fast
  • What is more profitable: to take out a mortgage or invest
You will understand how much money you need and how to start investing today
2 Day
How to become a millionaire
  • The magic of compound interest: how money makes money
  • Where and how to invest to save and multiply your funds
  • Review of investment tools and strategies
  • How to buy your first profitable stock
You will learn about investment tools and strategies, get guidelines on buying your first stock
Day 3
6 steps to investment income
  • How to draw up a capital building strategy in just 3 months, which will generate additional income for you
  • What is fundamental market analysis
  • How to join the community of practicing investors
  • Investment strategies for young, middle-aged, and retired people
  • Review of investment tools and strategies with potential annual returns up to 300%
You will understand how to build your own investment strategy with potential annual returns up to 300%
Day 4
10 beginner mistakes that won’t allow you to earn interest from investment
  • How not to lose money investing
  • What are conservative, moderate, and aggressive strategies. Which one is suitable for you
  • What is investor psychology and trader’s symptoms
  • Your personal financial plan: how to generate capital so that you will never have to work for a salary
  • How you can start getting a “dividend salary”
You will select your personal investment strategy and understand how to save and multiply your funds

Portfolio consulting

We will help you to analyze your investment portfolio using multiple risk lenses and you will see how proposed changes can potentially improve the risk/return balance and expected outcomes.

Even the best investment portfolio should be periodically examined, tested and compared using many risk filters to determine if it’s truly best constructed to achieve desired outcomes across a range of potential markets.

Have our team of portfolio consultants provide your strategy a deep dive analysis that may validate your diligence or offer potential adjustments to improve the investment’s profile.

Financial education coach training

We teach you capitalize on opportunities to drive profitable growth, rethink organizational structure and reap the potential of information. We can help you to improve your financial education more closely with other functions and develop a mutual understanding of risks and opportunities.

What we are offer:

Training in modern soft-skills
Professional training in financial analysis
Development of an internal expert in each of you
Accompaniment and methodological support

Our speaker

William Bennett
USA, New York
CEO, Principal Financial Analyst Dotbig U.S.
Mark Tivin
Germany, Studgart
CEO, Principal Financial Analyst Dotbig Europe

Our Team

Anyone can invest, regardless on age
and level of financial well-being